Mario Rubixel #2

The biggest Rubixel yet Cheap generic viagra goes full circle back to Mario, this time in modern form. Check out the timelapse below:
Mario Rubixel
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Delicate Genius Rubixel

Ever since I showed him the first Rubixel of Mario, Michael Kordahi was always a natural selection for a personalised Rubixel. Enter the Delicate Genius Rubixel. More info on Delicate Genius Blog.
  • Character: Delicate Genius
  • Game: Delicate Genius Blog
  • Platform: Michael Kordahi
  • Cubes: 255 Cubes
  • Dimensions: 675×765×50mm
  • Weight: 14kg

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Astroboy Rubixel

I wanted to do an Astro Boy Rubixel for a long long time. I had some other artwork and I was just not happy with it. Then I decided to spend a few days coming up with something better, and voila, here is the cialis result.


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  • Character: Astro Boy
  • Game: Astro Boy: Omega Factor
  • Platform: Gameboy Advance
  • Cubes: 240 Cubes
  • Dimensions: 675×720×50mm
  • Weight: 14kg
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C=64 Commodore 64 Ready Rubixel

Setting up a buying cialis online canvas for my next Rubixel, I decided to play around with type and fonts, and what font is more retro than the good old Commodore 64. And if there can be one word that was written more than any other word in the C64 font, it is ‘ready’.

C64 Ready

And thus the experiment buy viagra 100mg becomes complete. Short, simple.

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Ken and Ryu Rubixel

p>A few people requested some high resolution images of Ken and Ryu in full light. So here they are, just click on the images for the high resolution buy viagra today version…Ken Street Fighter Hadoken Rubixel High ResRyu Street Fighter Hadoken Rubixel High Res

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Ken Rubixel

p>Hadoken! buy viagra legally Hadoken! Ken counters with an explosion of energy, firing a fireball back at Viagra Online at good prices Ryu from chaos.

Ken Rubixel Hadoken to the Left


  • Character: Ken
  • Game: Street Fighter II
  • Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Cubes: 342 Cubes
  • Dimensions: 920×970x80mm
  • Weight: 32kg

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Ryu Rubixel

p style=”text-align: left;”>Hadoken! Hadoken! Ryu makes it to Rubixel with his hadoken spamming ways. Inspired by the original Street Fighter II, Ryu website summons a fireball that would make buy viagra 25mg Gouken proud.

Ryu Rubixel Hadoken to the Right


  • Character: Ryu
  • Game: Street Fighter II
  • Platform: Arcade
  • Cubes: 342 Cubes
  • Dimensions: 920x970x80mm
  • Weight: 32kg

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Rubixel is Born

Inspired by 8-bit computing, and a big bargain box of 6 sided puzzles, comes Project Rubixel. For me, Rubik was 8-bit, and the majority of the Rubixels created (and on their way) are inspired by classic 8-bit computer games with character. With a few creations already, and many more to come, come back for more shots and information of each artwork. Below is the Mario rubixel that started it generic cialis best all.

Mario Rubixel


  • Character: Mario
  • Game: Super Mario Bros
  • Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Rubik’s Cubes: 35
  • Dimensions: 275x385x55mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg

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The time lapse has generated a lot of chat, with plenty of people asking questions. So here Buy Viagra Online. No Prescrition Needed are a few common q&a, hope it helps.

Q: You just peel the stickers off don’t you?

A: No. That would defeat the purpose, make it look tacky, and it would take a lot longer. There would be very little satisfaction of doing it that way. If you can turn a Rubik’s cube, it’s easy. Peel off 9 stickers, and 9 other stickers, and restick them, probably stuffing it up as you go. No thanks.

Q: … or pull them apart?

A: That again would take longer. You can get all desired conbinations on a single side of a Rubik’s cube.

Q: Are you solving the Rubik’s cubes in real time?

A: Some yes, others I had done before hand. I was sticking them on the wall as I went, and I wanted the time lapse to have a consistent flow.

Q: Why didn’t you start off with a blank sheet, of say, blue, and then show you changing them?

A: In fact, I did, I’ll post it. But I was shooting every cube or so, not a real time lapse. That’s why I did a proper time lapse when putting it on the wall. I’ll Viagra online sales upload it when I convert it into a movie (and dig up the stills).

But a video of me changing each cube, and then putting it back, wouldn’t look much different. There’d be lots of dead time, so I’d have to speed up the timelapse more to keep it at a reasonable duration.

Q: So you know what you want to do with every cube before you start?

A: Many yes, many no. A lot of them you only really see what they look like when you first do them. Then when you step back, you realise blue is better, or green etc. Others you make up.

Q: Why don’t you do a double sided version? Two pictures, one on each side?

A: In the works, but this is a lot trickier. Creating one that looks decent is going to take a lot of trial and error.

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